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We at Seymour’s Fashion Custom Tailors measure our success by your success. With over 40 years of experience, we take pride in our ability to make the finest clothing for all kinds of people – from distinguished professionals to the everyman.

At Seymour’s Fashions custom tailors we understand the value of your personal style. It is a reflection of your individuality, your lifestyle and profession. Your clothes should enhance your natural silhouette to its best possible look, so that you can feel confident and comfortable, always. At Seymour’s Fashions we use some of the finest quality fabrics, for an unmatchable elegant finish. Our expert tailors are experienced and patient with the talent and vision to turn your dream clothing requirements into a reality.

As custom tailors, Seymour’s Fashions has been providing customers with custom clothing for over four decades. We are a trusted name for custom suits in San Francisco, with both long standing and new customers coming to us for bespoke suits in San Francisco. Our success lies in the fact that we genuinely listen to your requirements and cater to them with our expert input helping create timeless clothing. The 27 distinct measurements we take and the multiple fittings, guarantee that your garment will fit you to perfection, enhancing your overall image. The secret to us producing quality custom tailoring is that each of our bespoke garments are cut and stitched by hand by our experienced and expert tailors.

With our over 40 years of experience as custom tailors, we have honed our skills offering our customers not only the best bespoke suits, but an overall experience that ensures that you are in capable and caring hands. We have some of the best tailors in the industry that understand fabric and how to utilise them best, creating signature designs with pleats, embroidery and cuffs. With our experience, expertise and excellence we are able to create varying defined looks.

Seymour’s Fashions custom tailors offers you genuinely bespoke suits and garments. Each customer receives a new design, to suit his or her individual preference. This pattern includes the precise measurements and the specifics unique to each individual, such as the slope of the shoulders, the length of the arms the width of the chest. Further as mentioned before we offer multiple fittings to ensure a seamless finish and fit that will flatter your body type to perfection, with the right amount of leverage for a comfortable and confident feeling throughout the day. We are able to create any design you desire, quality guaranteed down to the very last stitch. We offer our customers bespoke shirts, top coats, dresses and formal wear for both men and women at very affordable prices. This is because we understand how a well-tailored garment can make you look your best and stand out from the crowd.

A single well-tailored bespoke garment is worth much more than all the off the rack clothes you buy. Cut from the finest cloth, our pieces are made to last, classy and transcend fashion fads. As custom tailors our classic and exceptional masterpieces will help you be instantly recognized from the crowd for your good taste and quality. We are also well trusted for alterations in San Francisco, so that you can maintain your custom wardrobe. Once you experience the joy and confidence of wearing bespoke clothing and well-tailored garments and the convenience of affordable custom tailors, you will never go back to mass produced clothes. You will understand and value your individuality and let it shine through.

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Experience the confidence and sophistication an expertly tailored custom suit gives. Our exclusive tailors make exceptionally crafted custom suits as you desire, with jackets, slacks and shirts made to fit your needs perfectly.

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Own your look on your special day – you deserve the best, and she deserves to see you in the best too. Make your wedding all about you, and experience the confidence that a custom tuxedo gives you.

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“Ravi and George have absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. Quality, great customer service and exceptional talent is what will keeps me coming back. If you want to go out in a suit that no one else will have, with a fit that is specific to every nuance of your body, Seymour’s is the place to go. In business for over 40 years Seymour’s truly is the personification of craftsmanship and quality. Not a single detail is missed. My entire family comes to Seymour’s not only for custom work but for alterations as well. ”

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