The Process of

How it works

Step one

Meeting You

To help define your unique style, we initially take the time to understand what your preferences are. Schedule a convenient time with our tailors so we can determine:

  • What your needs are in a garment
  • What style you are looking for
  • What attire you already have in your wardrobe
  • What you would like us to make you

This will help us advise you on the best clothing for you, to bring out the unique individual you are.

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Step Two

Picking the Fabric

Selecting the right fabric for your suit is the most crucial part of the tailoring process, and this is what makes the difference between a good suit and an exceptional one.

We will help you choose from the finest fabrics in the world – including the finest wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, seersucker and silk.

Step Three

Design and Details

The next step is deciding about the design and details of your new garment that we will be making. We make jackets, slacks, tuxedos, top coats, shirts and more for both men and women.

We are meticulous about small details such as functional button holes, ticket pockets, contrasting stitching or special linings for your suit, ensuring that it not only looks and feels good, but also functions to serve you best.

Step Four


We take up to a full 27 precise measurements when you order a suit from us to ensure we have all the information to construct your new garment that fits you perfectly.

Our custom garments are designed and tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit that feels great.

Step Five


Next comes the actual tailoring, which is done using superior materials, in our workshop. There are no shortcuts in our tailoring process; this is a labor of experience, expertise and excellence.

The suit is hand cut to your measurements and will be hand stitched up to the ‘baste’ stage.

At this point, it is basically a half-made suit that is temporarily held together with white baste stitching unfinished lapels, with no lining, buttons, buttonholes and zippers.

Step Six

First Fitting

Once the baste stage of tailoring is completed, you will come in for the first fitting. This gives both you and the cutter an opportunity to see how your measurements and initial design translate to the garment when tried on.

Since the suit is only half complete at this point, this allows it to be easily taken apart and remade accordingly. Alterations to length, fit and design, and buttonhole positions will be noted, ensuring the garment will fit your expectations.

Step Seven

Second Fitting

After the alterations are made to your garments, then comes the second fitting. At this point, the garment is at a more advanced stage of tailoring and is almost completely finished. The final minor adjustments will be marked up, ensuring the suit is a perfect fit.

The suit is hand cut to your measurements and will be hand stitched up to the ‘baste’ stage.

Once final adjustments are completed, your completed custom garment will be delivered to you.

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