Voice of our happy clients


“”Bruce is a Senior VP at Wells Fargo and worked with Seymour’s to craft this lovely black tie burgundy dinner jacket for a sportier & sexier look!”


“Ravi and his father George were an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a suit before…and that says a lot on such a big day! Seymour’s has a customer for life.”

Jordan K.

“Who says it costs more to get exactly what you want? I select fabrics, detailing, and special features, and still pay less than I would for a premium suit. It is worth the five hour drive to have all my suits and jackets made by Seymour’s.”

Scott B.

“Ravi and George have absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. Quality, great customer service and exceptional talent is what will keeps me coming back. If you want to go out in a suit that no one else will have, with a fit that is specific to every nuance of your body, Seymour’s is the place to go. In business for over 40 years Seymour’s truly is the personification of craftsmanship and quality. Not a single detail is missed. My entire family comes to Seymour’s not only for custom work but for alterations as well. ”

Nick M

“Years ago, I attended a friend’s wedding and his suit looked spectacular. When I commented on it, he directed me to Ravi. While I was in law school, I had Ravi tailor a couple of off-the-rack suits for me and the improvements were astonishing. His work is certainly not the lowest cost in San Francisco but the quality is so superior to any other tailor that I’ve worked with that I consider it a fantastic value. He showed me a gorgeous bolt of fabric– a wool/cashmere blend in a Prince of Wales pattern. It was gorgeous and I knew that I wanted to get married in a suit made from that fabric.

About 9 months before my wedding, I came back to Ravi and was excited that he still had enough to make me a suit. Ravi and his father helped me design the suit with features I wanted — double vent, notch label, waist coat, fitted but definitely not skinny — and helped me pick out a fabric for a shirt. Over the following months, I came in for probably 5 or 6 fittings (maybe even more), each time having a nice conversation with Ravi and his father about what changes they had made, trying on the suit, and discussing what changes should be made before the next fitting. They have decades of experience and an incredible attention to detail. Both are perfectionists and will not give their customers anything less than a perfect suit, every time. I have a difficult body type to fit, but Ravi and his father worked closely with me to make sure that the suit was perfect for all of my body’s weird irregularities, that I looked fantastic in it, and that I was happy with the suit.

To say I’m happy with the suit is an understatement. I look outstanding in this suit and I feel incredibly confident knowing that the suit is perfectly tailored. Unlike other suits, it moves smoothly and comfortably with my body while maintaining a consistent and ideal silhouette. My wife was blown away when she saw me in the suit on our wedding day. I’m glad that I made the investment in a suit from Seymour’s Fashions. I look great in the wedding photos because of this suit. I wear it regularly to work, court and special occasions. I cannot recommend Seymour’s Fashions highly enough. The only downside is that all the other suits in my closet feel disappointing in comparison. Now I’m just trying to find a reason to get another suit from Ravi and his father. ”

Stewart P